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The Notwist: 

Is it fear ? 
Crack it open 
Be Reckless 
One wasted 
I´ve not forgotten you 
M. del terror 
Think for yourself 
Nothing like you


Belle de l´ombre/Walk on 
Unsaid, undone 
Welcome back 
No love 
The incredible change of our alien 
This sorry confession 
Another year without me 
One dark love poem 
The only thing we own 
I´m a whale


Torture Day 
My Phrasebook 

My Faults 
The String 


Day 7 
Another planet 
Moron (no chords) 
Electric Bear 
No encores 
N.L. (instrumental - no lyrics) 
Your signs d,
0-4 (no chords)


Johnny and Mary

Nothing like you: 

...we knew that we had to stack up 
We never never never could 
There´s nothing like you 
You run and rocks me to sleep 
I knew from the first time I saw you 
I never never forget you 
It´s a one night stand the lasts for ever 
Nothing like you 
You say we are all falling so, we can't arrive anywhere 
If you hold me we fall together and if you let me we'll fall apart 
I guess I'm in love cause I'm so nervous all the time 
And when I close my eyes I see you, I see you ... 

I´m not sure if the start is right, because he sings very soft.

It isn´t allover yet, 
he still twists his head form side to side 
Every morning comes like a warning, 
Every morning comes like a warning  
some men were torn in pieces 
Lead your agenda, time to cry 
Every morning comes like a warning 
Every morning comes like a warning 
Bring me down, bring me down 
Bring me down, bring me down

Think For Yourself: 

I'm not proud of my country, I'm not proud of my skin, 
I'm fed up with such approaches and thinking ain't a sin 
Think for yourself 
I reject our ivolvement in exploitation and hate 
And I reject the confusion that our quarrels create 
Think for yourself 
[no idea what Markus sings here ...] 
I'm supposed to believe all the lies that are spread 
but hypocritical truths I'm not prepared to accept

Belle de L'ombre / Walk On: 

I Never thought that you are wrong 
I Never thought that you're that strong 
I`ll avoid and I`ll despice 
To think of your eyes 
How can I talk to you 
Cause you`ll deface the things 
I shared with you 
With this hole inside 
Walk on.

Welcome Back: 

Cheap - you use so cheap disguises 
It doesn`t matter cause it works 
Sheep - you got the right devices 
They will not cry until it hurts 
This Road will lead us back to the coldest days 
This Road will lead us back to

No Love: 

I try to be calm 
But it makes me tired 
I stare at my feet 
I'm what you once admired 
But you´re not colder than before 
Hi, it´s me 
Remember the things we´ve seen 
They stay with me 
And appear on my inner screen 
No love, no love, no love, say there is no love

The incredible change of our alien: 

One day he woke up and he was ill 
He tried to be like us 
He tried to kill our friends 
We locked him in a cage but he was still 
Loud and so we left 
We don`t know him anymore 

We heard of him in 1985 
When he attacked three people with a knife 
And when he died we didnt shed a tear 
This alien was ill 
We don`t love him anymore 
It was nice to watch him play with the big toys 
We never thought he could be so cruel 
You never watched him play with the big toys

One Dark Love Poem: 

Days were darker than 
Light didn`t get through all the smoke 
We had to grope 
Bad luck would be a child 
With two arms two feet and a brain 
To hide a picture 
Throw light 
Behind your eyes 
Go light 
I`ll give you one dark love picture 
I think of you in light 
Think of you in lightness 
Think of pictures gone pale 
Luck would be a child 
With two arms two feet and a brain 
To hide a picture 
Go light 
Behind your eyes 
Go light 
I'll give you one dark love poem

The Only Thing We Own: 

And they (the) children became smaller 
Aimlessly they staggered through all 
The garbage and couldn't find their hole 
They can't remember their name 
I can remember my name 
I`ll never be trapped under garbage 
I guess there are still people under the ruins 
At night I can hear them stratch 
They scratch, they scratch 
The only thing we own is sleep

I'm a whale 

I'm not blind 
They always think I am unkind 
If I don't see you 
It's a sign of under water 
I'm not dumb 
I hear each and everyone 
I hear the sound of everything 
And know what still is left undone

Day 7: 

The shore 
I can see the shore from here 
I see your town 
I see your house 
And you 
The scores 
I count the letters of your name 
I count the days ´till you are here 

Day 7 
And I love the lord 
Day 7...


Chemicals will hit you 
Chemicals will knock you down 
Is it over cos you feel no pain 
Throwing me alone 
You tag my head with numbers 
You tag my room with things of glass 
You tag my neighbours till you found someone 
Who´s cleaning up the mess 

You are no good 
You are no good 
Cos I know you can´t sleep 
Till you know your overbarrence makes me creep

Another planet: 

You are 
Another planet 
Cos you are 
You stare 
Kiss me from above, don´t you? 
Say why 
I need no reason to demind 
Say why 
Kiss me from above, don´t you 
Use your planet if you try 

Dreams your hands are seeking 
Dreams your head is falling off 
Dreams they never call you 
To show you dreams from the buildings of above 

(maybe the second part is totally wrong...)

Electric bear: 

When it saw the electric bear 
Now he´s always there 
I can talk to him behind my door 
Talk of you as every day 
If they don´t look over 
they not never feeling in.... 

All the things I do with you 
They don´t fade away 

No encores: 

Say one you´re mine 
Say two you´re naked 
Say three it´s all been time 
These numbers help 
These numbers for you 
They stay when you are gone 

Count one you move 
Count all the others that disappeared 
Cos you never loved 
I count the reasons why you are here 
Cos you´ve never known me - no encores 
But you´ve never known me - no encores


Shifts you 
Creeps you 
Takes all your friends away from you 
Say face me 
Embrase me 
Take all these friends away from me 
Are you here 
to always into mine... 

I get smaller cos I drive 
till I´m tiny little 
so tiny I can´t even climb a chair 
I can´t call you 
I can´t drive 
I can´t reach the think I am thinking line 
that´s why I really never go thinking 

Your signs: 
It´s fine 
Until you know you´re here 
And you´re alone inside this head 
On your shoulder 

Your heart´s so fine 
You got me by the neck 
You never change 
Your signs

Johnny And Mary: (by Robert Palmer) 

Johnny's always running around 
Trying to find certainty 
He needs all the world to confirm 
That he ain't lonely... 
Mary counts the walls 
Knows he tires easily 
Johnny thinks the world would be right 
If it would buy truth from him 
Mary says he changes his mind 
More than a woman... 
But she made her bed 
Even though the chance was slim 

Johnny's always running around, running around 
Johnny's always running around, running away 

Johnny says he's willing to learn 
When he decides he's a fool 
Johnny says he'll live anywhere 
When he has time to... 
Mary combs her hair 
Says she should be used to it 
Mary always hedges her bets 
She never knows what to think 
She says he's still acting like he's being discovered... 
Scared that he'll get caught 
Without a second thought 

Johnny feels he's wasting his breath 
Trying to talk sense to her 
Mary says he's lacking a real sense of proportion... 
Mary counts the walls 
Says she should be used to it