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Village Of Savoonga
last updated on
december, 12th

Village of Savoonga (includes Markus und Micha Acher)
- Village of Savoonga LP (Kollaps/Hausmusik)
- Phillip Schatz LP/CD (Kollaps/Hausmusik/Communion)
- thought loop/new torture 7" (little brother) - Score LP/CD (Kollaps/Hausmusik/Communion)    Songs on compilations/singles: - Hausmusik Sampler '91
- Weilheim Sampler '93 (ICR),
- "The Day My Favourite Insect Died" (Kollaps),
- Festplatte (Hausmusik)
- Flatline Single
Village of Savoonga
Score CD

Village of Savoonga-- named after an Eskimo village the trio read about in a magazine way back in the good old days otherwise known as February 1991-- are Markus Acher, Christoph Merk and Wolfgang Petters. The threesome is augmented by a regular/revolving cast of friends and family, including Micha Acher, Christoph Brandner and Martin Gretschmann.

Initial goals centered on Markus and Christoph's desire to record "some noise." Since Wolfgang had the four-track (now upgraded to eight-track) and would cook for the other two, he was asked to join. The first, self-titled Village of Savoonga LP was released in October 1992 (soon to be reissued on CD for the first time, via Communion). Four years later (that's 1996), their second LP/CD, Philipp Schatz, was issued via Haumusik/Communion. The purpose of the bio is to herald the third Village of Savoonga release, Score, also jointly released via Hausmusik/Kollaps and the Communion label.

As evolution would have it, the VoS writing style matured over the long course of the first two albums. Each of the three members would compose on their own, meeting to arrange and record the "experiments."

If they liked what they had recorded, the "erase" button was no longer an option and careful layering and construction ensued. As VoS became interested in composing soundtrack scores (Philipp Schatz has two: "Philipp Schatz" and "Nosferatu"), tracks began to be based on rhythms or noises, mostly "natural sounds." These natural sounds would be "alienated" by electronics with loops and musical tracks layered on top. Score is more in this vein, with the band further layering tracks recorded and worked on over the past two years in order to meld the six tracks together into two sides or "suites."

All three band members spend time in a large and dizzying amount of other bands, all based in wonderful Bavaria (Southern Germany). Markus Acher is the unofficial musical director of the group, though both Christoph and Wolfgang compose as well. VoS is quick to note that its sound is different, in a special way, from Acher's other bands (most notably Notwist). On occasion his influence remains unfelt until the mixing process, where a VoS song may change radically from its original form.

Wolfgang proclaims Score to be Village of Savoonga's "krautrock" record-- a tag Communion would be unable to dispute.