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last updated on
september, 23rd
Welcome to the mailbag. All the interesting emails I get (concerning the Notwist) will be put on this part of the site.   
If you wan to send something, email me.  
Tue, 22 Sep 1998  

glad to see that you are doing a page for the notwist. i really love thier music, however i haven't heard "shrink" yet (it just came out last week here). i was lucky enough to have seen them several times with my friends in sharon stoned/tuesday weld. you wouldn't happen to have any videos of them live would you? (in NTSC not PAL). Good luck with the page,  
Dave Kincade  

If anyone has any videos of them, please write him!  

Tue, 22 Sep 1998  

hey im a big notwist fan from New Zealand, i heard them when i was in Germany in 96, but the only album i can get here is 12, are the other albums (the notwist, nook, and shrink) available direct from Zero hour???  
i´ve been trying to get Nook fror a couple of years but its impossible to get here..  

Love your page!!!  

thanks,  Darren  

Can anyone help him?