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last updated on
september, 29th


Day 7
Another planet
Moron (instrumental - no lyrics) 
Electric bear
No encores
N.L. (instrumental - no lyrics) 
Your signs
0-4 (instrumental - no lyrics)

Day 7: 

The shore 
I can see the shore from here 
I see your town 
I see your house 
And you 
The scores 
I count the letters of your name 
I count the days ´till you are here 

Day 7 
And I love the lord 
Day 7...


Chemicals will hit you 
Chemicals will knock you down 
Is it over cos you feel no pain 
Throwing me around
You attack my head with numbers 
You attack my room with things of glass 
You attack my neighbours till you found someone 
Who´s cleaning up the mess 

You are no good 
You are no good 
Cos I know you can´t sleep 
Till you know your overbarrence makes me creep

Another planet: 

You are 
Another planet 
Cos you are 
You stare 
Kiss me from above, don´t you? 
Say why 
I need no reason to deny
Say why 
Kiss me from above, don´t you 
You lose your planet if you try 

Dreams your hands are seeking 
Dreams your head is falling off 
Dreams they never call you 
To show you dreams from the buildings of above 

(maybe the second part is totally wrong...)

Electric bear: 

When I saw the electric bear 
Now he´s always there 
I can talk to him behind my door 
Talk of your eyes every day
Cos they don´t look old
And I never feel any cold 

All the things I do with you 
They don´t fade away

No encores: 

Say one you´re none 
Say two you´re naked 
Say three it´s all been done 
These numbers help 
These numbers for you 
They stay when you are gone 

Count one you move 
Count all the others that disappeared 
Cos you never left
I count the reasons why you are here 
Cos you´ve never known me - no encores 
But you´ve never known me - no encores


Shifts you 
Clips you 
Takes all your friends away from you 
Say face me 
Embrace me 
Take all these friends away from me 
Are you here?
Two hours into mourn your near

I get smaller cos I drive 
Till I´m tiny when I'm back at home
So tiny I can´t even climb a chair 
I can´t call you 
I can´t drive
I can´t reach the phone can't reach the line
It´s why I  never wanna go from here

Your signs: 

It´s fine 
Until you know you´re here 
And you´re alone inside this head 
On your shoulder 

Your heart´s so fine 
You got me by the neck 
You never change 
Your signs