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The Notwist
last updated on
september, 10th

The Notwist: 

Is it fear ? 
Crack it open 
Be reckless 
One wasted 
I´ve not forgotten you 
M. del terror 
Think for yourself
Nothing like you

Nothing like you: 

...we knew that we had to stack up 
We never never never could 
There´s nothing like you 
You run and rocks me to sleep 
I knew from the first time I saw you 
I never never forget you 
It´s a one night stand the lasts for ever 
Nothing like you 
You say we are all falling so, we can't arrive anywhere 
If you hold me we fall together and if you let me we'll fall apart 
I guess I'm in love cause I'm so nervous all the time 
And when I close my eyes I see you, I see you ... 

I´m not sure if the start is right, because he sings very soft.


It isn´t allover yet, 
he still twists his head form side to side 
Every morning comes like a warning, 
Every morning comes like a warning 
some men were torn in pieces 
Lead your agenda, time to cry 
Every morning comes like a warning 
Every morning comes like a warning 
Bring me down, bring me down 
Bring me down, bring me down

Think for yourself: 

I'm not proud of my country, I'm not proud of my skin, 
I'm fed up with such approaches and thinking ain't a sin 
Think for yourself 
I reject our involvement in exploitation and hate 
And I reject the confusion that our quarrels create 
Think for yourself 
I'm supposed to believe all the lies that are spread 
but hypocritical truths I'm not prepared to accept