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last updated on
january, 10th
Frequently asked questions about this website:

Is this the official Notwist website?

No, this site is not official. I've never been paid for it, and never will be. I'm just a fan who likes the music of the Notwist. The band doesn´t have a really official site. For other sites, check out the links.

Will you give me a Notwist phone number or email address?

I don't have a phone number or an email address concerning the Notwist.

You should use mp3s instead of RealAudio. When will you add mp3s?

I just don´t know. Placing mp3s on a web site is a good way to get in some serious trouble. I don´t want to pay lots of money for doing this. Perhaps one day in the future I´ll do it.

The site is sometimes very slow. When will you move to a faster server?

It´s so slow because it is on those free servers (tripod, geocities etc.) I can´t afford to spend money for a faster server. And it´s nearly 50 MB big.

I´ve problems to load down the videos.

Try to hold shift and click on the file again.

For more questions email me.