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november, 26th
Zero Hour Records   

Over the years German music has been most widely acknowledged for the Krautrock genre. As of late, there has been a new movement of German bands that are overturning these preconceived ideas of what "German" music should sound like. Hence, the Notwist. A progressive grouping of musicians dabbling in jazz and rock structures, meshing elements of electronic and pop to create a sound that is far beyond that of any other act today. A new connection is forged to the almost forgotten past of cool, smoky jazz environs. Maintained nonetheless, is the core essence of the Notwist's past. The effects are noticed all over with the addition of sampler Martin Gretschmann, aka "Sound-o-naut". The ease that he displays in adding his unique distortion and bubbling sounds to the already fragmented Notwist-concept is remarkable. On occasion, his rumblings surround and envelope the delicate Notwist structures, but never to the point of added help. Slowly expanding, Shrink and Notwist-isms, combine the previously non-reconcilable, creating a Pop/Jazz/Electronic Rock unifier. Shrink picks up where the bands last release "12 " left off, trading in abrasive, angular driven guitar rock for a melding of electronically altered sounds, complicated by heavy pop and jazz undertones.
Both "Day 7" and "Chemicals" are sonically cut from the same groove, using innovative sampling, reminiscent of Stereolab-esque synth loops (whose label Duophonic has released Shrink in the UK), and strong percussive beats intricately laced with Marcus Acher's delicate vocals. On the instrumental track "N.L.," the Notwist mesh brass and wind arrangements with precisely timed guitar riffs, yielding a playful melody, all the while moving back and forth between pop and jazz, mastering the entire act with complete competence.   
After the release of "12" and months of touring, the band took time off to explore other projects, a few of which include Village of Savoonga, Tied & Tickled Trio and Console. Returning from their brief departures, the band reunited with a broader musical sense. The result: Shrink. With Shrink, the Notwist have collaborated and focused all their new exposure into one unprecedented package.   
Just as Talk Talk, (to which the band pays inspirational homage), the Notwist possess the will to create music which is singularly focused, finds solace in itself, yet exudes supreme confidence without stumbling over itself. Shrink is the product of such painstaking efforts, an album which stands on its own and is a testament to its own time.