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in English
last updated on
november, 26th
Only in America 

These guys are Bavarian, and yes, they're big in Germany -- where I guess nobody's tired of crossover rock bands yet. They mix a lot of familiar stuff together and come up with ... a lot of familiar stuff, mixed together. You get electronic hardcore bursts in the middle of a staid hard rock ditty, while the vocalist is doing his best depressing English folkster bit. Banjos thrive among 80s metal 
guitar vamps, samples and found noises are peppered over a hard rock platform. The only constant is the anger, the angst and the rejection of any value of questionable origin. The Notwist seethe with this attitude. Only in America is a five-song EP you can get free from Zero Hour's web site, and features prereleased material from over the years, including a cover of Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary."